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I often see many people call crochet knitting or knitting crocheting, so I decided to make an informative powerpoint to differentiate between the two.

Cause I swear to god if I see someone make that mistake again I’m going to start flipping some tables and punching babies.

I feel like I need to make printouts of this and carry them with my crochet supplies, so I can make people read them before they talk to me LOL!

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Anyone with crochet and or knitting blogs please re blog this and I’ll have a look at your blog


I’ll more than likely follow too :D

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New year, New business

I been rethinking everything ive done with my crochet business and ive decided to start over. 

i am looking for crocheters in the virginia beach area that is willing to go into business.

i hope this post gets to any one that know someone or is willing to work with me.


New things………

I’m at the point of my crocheting where i want to work on new items.

So with that I’ve decided that maybe I’ll make a sweater.

Any ideas, patterns or tips anyone have for that?

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lovely hats waiting to be bought

its getting cold people

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sold these 2 hats today :) 

check out the rest on my etsy shop

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check out my etsy shop

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